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I was born on 15th March, 1987 in the capital of Sofia, Bulgaria. I graduated from National Academy of Art Sofia with bachelor degree (2011) and with master degree (2013) in departament "Graphic Art"  with the class of Assoc. Prof. Dimo Kolibarov. I specialized in Cite Internationale des Arts Paris (2013). Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (2014). I have participated in many general exhibitions and biennials home and abroad. I enjoy painting - color lithography, oil, acrylic and dry pastel. I live and work in Samokov.   My exhibitions:          2009 - First solo exhibition - Sandanski, Bulgaria 2011 - Second solo exhibition - Samokov, Bulgaria 2013 - Gallery "Finess"- Paintings and Prints - Sofia, Bulgaria 2013 - Open Studio "Cite Internationale des Arts" in Paris, France 2014 - Gallery "Finess"- Paris... - Sofia, Bulgaria 2016 - Gallery ART 36 - Sofia, Bulgaria` 2018 - Gallery Art "Prof. Vasil Zahariev"- Samokov,

Latest Posts

"CAPRI I", 55/42 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI II", 55/42 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI III", 42/55 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI IV", 60/50 cm., oil on canvas/broad

"CAPRI V", 49/69 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI VI", 50/65 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI VII", 80/60 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI VIII", 80/60 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI IX", 62/85 cm., oil on canvas

"CAPRI X", 80/120 cm., oil on canvas